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Journal Title: NeuroQuantology

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In science we need to remove physics and earth science from the fundamental sciences and treat Biology as a fundamental natural (physical) science. Attempts to keep Biology autonomous because it is holistic, from the physical sciences, are just disguised anthropocentrism. Physical sciences have holistic features also. The autonomy of Biology is at odds with a holistic, integrated, science and is preventing progress in science. For example, every cell needs a 'global' communication system to keep order and stability with rapid information transfer across cellular scales. We have yet to figure out how this is achieved. Over the last 30 years, we have understood that quantum mechanics is about information, mostly. However, we do not have a clear understanding of the physical significance of quantum mechanics in nature. Also, the view that quantum mechanics is restricted to the atomic and molecular scale is mistaken and a direct result of the mass of the electron being so big. In 1988 the mass of the electron neutrino was predicted to lie between 0.5 eV/c2 and 0.05 eV/c2 and to have a key role in Biology. This would allow quantum mechanical processes on a cellular and inter-cellular scale and provide a possible basis for a 'global' information system in the cell and an understanding of the information role of quantum mechanics in nature. Recent non-results, on the electron neutrino mass, from the KATRIN experiment are pushing the upper limit of the electron neutrino mass to less than 0.5 eV/c2 making the prediction of 30 years ago more likely.