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Optics, Polymer science, Materials engineering

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Optical Materials 48:12-17


The polymerisation rate of a low-toxicity Diacetone Acrylamide (DA)-based photopolymer has been measured for the first time using Raman spectroscopy. A value for the polymerisation rate of 0.020 s−1 has been obtained for the DA photopolymer by modelling the polymerisation reaction dynamics as a stretched exponential or Kohlrausch decay function. This is significantly lower than the polymerisation rate of 0.100 s−1 measured for the well known Acrylamide (AA)-based photopolymer composition. The effect of the additive glycerol on the polymerisation rate of the DA-based photopolymer has also been investigated. The inclusion of glycerol is observed to increase the rate of polymerisation of the DA photopolymer by up to 60%. It is also observed that the polymerisation rate of the DA photopolymer is less dependent on the recording intensity when glycerol is present.