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Applied mathematics, Fluids and plasma physics

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Pliska Stud. Math. Bulgar. 25 (2015) 7–18.


We examine a two-media 2-dimensional fluid system consisting of a lower medium bounded underneath by a flatbed and an upper medium with a free surface with wind generated surface waves but considered bounded above by a lid by an assumption that surface waves have negligible amplitude. An internal wave driven by gravity which propagates in the positive x-direction acts as a free common interface between the media. The current is such that it is zero at the flatbed but a negative constant, due to an assumption that surface winds blow in the negative x-direction, at the lid. We are concerned with the layers adjacent to the internal wave in which there exists a depth dependent current for which there is a greater underlying than overlying current. Both media are considered incompressible and having non-zero constant vorticities. The governing equations are written in canonical Hamiltonian form in terms of the variables, associated to the wave (in a presence of a constant current). The resultant equations of motion show that wave-current interaction is influenced only by the current profile in the ’strip’ adjacent to the internal wave.