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1.4 CHEMICAL SCIENCES, Organic Chemistry, Polymer science, Analytical chemistry

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Analogues of the epoxy resin monomer diglycidyl ether of bisphenol F: Effects on contact allergenic potency and cytotoxicity

Niamh M. O'Boyle*, Tamara Delaine, Kristina Luthman, Andreas Natsch, Ann-Therese Karlberg*

Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2012, Vol. 25, Issue 11, Pages 2469-2478



Diglycidyl ethers of bisphenol A (DGEBA) and bisphenol F (DGEBF) are widely used as components in epoxy resin thermosetting products. They are known to cause occupational and non-occupational allergic contact dermatitis. The aim of this study is to investigate analogues of DGEBF with regard to contact allergy and cytotoxicity. A comprehensive knowledge of the structural features that contribute to the allergenic and cytotoxic effects of DGEBF will guide the development of future novel epoxy resin systems with reduced health hazards for those coming into contact with them. It was found that the allergenic effects of DGEBF were dependent on its terminal epoxide groups. In contrast, it was found that the cytotoxicity in monolayer cell culture was not only dependent on the presence of epoxide groups, but also on other structural features.