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Chemistry Education Research and Practice, 2008, 9, 35.


This paper will give an example of a pedagogical approach taken in integrating nanotechnology into a chemistry degree course. In recent years nanotechnology has widely become part of the course content for undergraduate chemistry and physics degree curriculum. How contextualised the delivery of the subject matter may vary. The role of contextualisation of nanotechnology in the delivery of the content is the main focus of this paper, as to date in Ireland and many other countries nanotechnology has not been integrated into many chemistry degree courses but is slowly becoming the case. An evaluative methodology of the pedagogical approach for two introductory nanotechnology courses has been chosen for this study. Pre and post-course testing at a 4th year level and 2nd year level have been carried out and the feedback summarised. The role of visualisation and contextualisation (linking research and industrial applications to the area) will be discussed in relation to learning and teaching nanotechnology. The benefits of using nanochemistry and nanotechnology can be highlighted and this may be linked to an examination of existing applications in everyday life. It is hoped that this paper will stimulate some ideas for academics who may find themselves faced with teaching nanotechnology in the near future.



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