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Dissertation submitted for the award of MSc in Computing (Knowledge Management), 2008.


As the need for Irish firms to move into knowledge economy increases knowledge management is being more important. Among its central aims is for knowledge creation and development to enhance knowledge and inspire innovations. One of the ways knowledge management achieves these aims is through the development of knowledge management tools for the firm. Among these tools is the option to use business intelligence to enhance knowledge in the firm by exposing hidden knowledge and building on it. In particular data mining has been highlighted as being effective within business intelligence and knowledge management in discovering hidden knowledge. This dissertation investigates these systems and looks at how visual data mining in this area is enhancing knowledge creation throughout the firm and can give firms a competitive advantage over rivals. It considers the difficult decision for knowledge management practitioners at selecting the correct tool and provides a framework which can be apply in different situations. The dissertation concludes with analysis of the results and future work in the area.