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Computer Sciences

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Technological University Dublin, 2015.


Cloud computing has many benefits and organisations have bought into the cost effective and elastic solutions provided by major players in the market. However, cloud computing and Cloud Service Providers (CSP) are still evolving, hence there are differences in how customers connect with each provider to the orchestrate application lifecycle management. A lack of standards can create vendor lock-in. This work investigates current research and possible solutions to the vendor lock-in problem through the use of Cloud Interoperability or multi-cloud frameworks. Software developers and organisations can use these frameworks which abstract the differences between CSPs and mitigate vendor lock-in. A reference web application, with compute intensive operations, was developed and then adapted to each framework to evaluate the usability and stability of each multi-cloud framework, scaling up and down the underlying virtual infrastructure to meet varied demand. Cost conscious Small to Medium Enterprises can use these frameworks to stay competitive by having the ability to switch CSPs quickly for more favourable costs or better performance. Overall this will lead to increased competition and more innovation between CSPs benefiting the customer once more.