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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Universal design and assistive technology), May 2014.


This project will look at the area of the Matching Person and Technology assessment (MPT). This project will be to develop a version of the MPT that can be deployed as a mobile application. The key research being performed in this project will be the analysis of the results given on the mobile application when compared to those given via the traditional paper method. The MPT is a very large assessment; because of this there are a number of different specific assessments like workplace and education assessments (Cook, A.M. and Hussey, S. 2001). Because of the size of the assessment a section or part of the assessment will be chosen to use for the project. This section will then be created in an application for iOS devices, for example an iPad. Once the app is created it will need to be tested on people who will actually be taking the assessment or who have done so in the recent past or will do in the near future. The testing will require review and usage of the application by both professionals and test candidates. This type of testing will obviously have to be done in close conjunction with assistive technology professionals. This testing will uncover whether or not the change in format and setting of the assessment has made a difference to the quality or validity of the answers given. The amount of time taken to complete the assessment on will also be monitored over both formats As the application will be deployed on an iOS device there are a number of other areas that will be looked at during this project that have a direct relationship with both assistive technology and universal design. As this is a new bespoke application it will attempt to be developed from the ground up using universal design, the results of this will be monitored and recorded. As many of the sections of the MPT require further questions to be answered depending on the outcome or a previous question, the computerised application could handle this decision making for the user also. The concept of a game style interface for the application will be looked at also and the results recorded.