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Computer Sciences

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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Information Technology) May 2014.


The proliferation of smart phones across the globe, development of 4G network standards and its progressing implementation along with shift towards cloud computing bring risks to smart phone users who avail of these service. Security of cloud storage mobile applications should be essential to smart phone users. Enterprises’ move to huge data centres and availing of their infrastructure, platform and service is an advantage but poses a risk. Users use corporate resources managed and administered with security in mind of policy makers but it is still possible to use unsecure, designed for users services without business being aware of it. This research aims to analyse concerns of data storage providers and services they provide on smart phone devices in the form of mobile cloud applications. The investigation of data stored on smart phones upon simulation of real life test case scenarios will be undertaken. Data recovered from smart phones using mobile cloud applications using forensic tools will be examined for any artefacts that may lead to the discovery of any security vulnerabilities. This will lead to the formulation of conclusions. Recommendations for future research and work as well as suggestions for users and cloud storage vendors will supplement this study in order to increase security of data used by smart phone users and their mobile devices as gateways to gain access to this data.