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Computer Sciences

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Dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Stream), June 2018.


This research project examines the differences between software testing practices that are carried out on software that is installed locally (i.e. on premise) versus software that has migrated to a cloud hosted environment. In conjunction with this, focus was placed on determining what methodologies and frameworks are in existence for assisting with software migrations to the cloud. The reason for carrying out this research project was that the transition to cloud computing is becoming more and more mainstream, as a result organisations are required to focus their efforts on how best to move their software to the cloud while ensuring that its functionality remains intact. To determine what software testing differences are apparent and what migration strategies are available, existing literature in this area was reviewed and qualitative data was collected. Once all data was collated, results showed that there were in fact key differences in the complexity of software testing that was required for software that has migrated to the cloud. In addition, no generic strategy was found for carrying out a software migration to the cloud. Based on the findings of this research project, it is paramount that an organisation which plans on migrating any of if its software or infrastructure to the cloud needs to have a clear road map in place prior to any development or migration work commencing. By clearly planning and executing this process, clear testing and validation phases can be put in place which will ensure than an element of precaution and prior validation can be incorporated into the transition to the cloud.