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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Data Analytics) 2017.


Deep learning techniques have been widely applied in the field of stock market prediction particularly with respect to the implementation of active trading strategies. However, the area of portfolio management and passive portfolio management in particular has been much less well served by research to date. This research project conducts an investigation into the science underlying the implementation of portfolio management strategies in practice focusing on enhanced indexing strategies. Enhanced indexing is a passive management approach which introduces an element of active management with the aim of achieving a level of active return through small adjustments to the portfolio weights. It then proceeds to investigate current applications of deep learning techniques in the field of financial market predictions and also in the specific area of portfolio management. A series of successively deeper neural network models were then developed and assessed in terms of their ability to accurately predict whether a sample of stocks would either outperform or underperform the selected benchmark index. The predictions generated by these models were then used to guide the adjustment of portfolio weightings to implement and forward test an enhanced indexing strategy on a hypothetical stock portfolio.