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A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements of Technological University Dublin for the degree of M.Sc. in Computing (Advanced Software Development) January 2017.


This is era of internet. There is barely any field where internet do not play important role. Nowadays, CloudComputing links to the internet that has rebelled the whole universe. CloudComputing is a rapid enlarging domain in computing industry and research. Three main services offered by the cloud are SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. With the technology advancement of the CloudComputing, there are many new chances pioneer on how applications can be developed and how several services can be provided to the end user throughout Virtualization, on the internet. What's more, there are cloud service providers who offer and provide large-scaled computing infrastructure determined on usage, and offer the infrastructure services in a really elastic way. The establishing of an efficient load balancing algorithm and how to use CloudComputing resources expeditiously for efficient and effective cloud is one of the Cloud service provider’s absolute objective. These days, Load-Balancing is coming out as the main issue in cloud environment. Load due to user requests ought to be balanced through service provider resources. In this dissertation firstly analysis of several Virtual Machine load balancing algorithms is put through. Secondly, This dissertation emphasize comparison with different existing load balancing algorithms by using simulator which is CloudAnalyst. This study focus on only three VM load balancing algorithm because they are the most common in CloudComputing and most of the researchers are interested in. This papers achieve that there is a decrease in data center servicing time as well as decreasing in response time at client part and resources of resource providers are controlled and managed effectively by using Throttled algorithm in a cloud that uses Dynamically Reconfiguration service broker. Therefore, it can be said that the performance of Throttled algorithm is the best among the other two algorithms when the cloud uses Dynamically Reconfiguration service broker.