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The paper was accepted to publish in the proceedings of the APWG.EU Technical Summit and Researchers Sync-Up 2023 (APWG.EU-Tech-2023)


Predators often use the dark web to discuss and share Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) because the dark web provides a degree of anonymity, making it more difficult for law enforcement to track the criminals involved. In most countries, CSAM is considered as forensic evidence of a crime in progress. Processing, identifying and investigating CSAM is often done manually. This is a time-consuming and emotionally challenging task. In this paper, we propose a novel model based on artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically detect CSA text messages in dark web forums. Our algorithms have achieved impressive results in detecting CSAM in dark web, with a recall rate of 89%, a precision rate of 92.3% and an accuracy rate of 87.6%. Moreover, the algorithms can predict the classification of a post in just 1 microsecond and 0.3 milliseconds on standard laptop capabilities. This makes it possible to integrate our model into social network sites or edge devices to for real-time CSAM detection.



the Safe Online Initiative of End Violence and the Tech Coalition

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