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Computer Sciences, Information Science

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2019 Sixth International Conference on Internet of Things: Systems, Management and Security (IOTSMS)


The interest in Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing steeply, and the use of their smart objects and their composite services may become widespread in the next few years increasing the number of smart cities. This technology can benefit from scalable solutions that integrate composite services of multiple-purpose smart objects for the upcoming large-scale use of integrated services in IoT. This work proposes an agent-based approach for supporting large-scale use of IoT for providing complex integrated services. Its novelty relies in the use of distributed blackboards for implicit communications, decentralizing the storage and management of the blackboard information in the smart objects, which are accessed by nearby requests. This avoids (a) the common bottlenecks of implicit communications based on centralized blackboards and (b) the overload of bandwidth due to explicit peer-to-peer communications. This solution raises challenges in privacy and security, and some potential solutions are discussed in this paper. Simulations based on a region in Dublin city shows the potential utility of this approach illustrated in the domain of coordination of electric vehicles in selecting paths and charging stations.