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The IT&T 9th International Conference on Information Technology and Telecommunication 2009


Sentiment classification concerns the use of automatic methods for predicting the orientation of subjective content on text documents, with applications on a number of areas including recommender and advertising systems, customer intelligence and information retrieval. SentiWordNet is an opinion lexicon derived from the WordNet database where each term is associated with numerical scores indicating positive and negative sentiment information. This research presents the results of applying the SentiWordNet lexical resource to the problem of automatic sentiment classification of film reviews. Our approach comprises counting positive and negative term scores to determine sentiment orientation, and an improvement is presented by building a data set of relevant features using SentiWordNet as source, and applied to a machine learning classifier. We find that results obtained with SentiWordNet are in line with similar approaches using manual lexicons seen in the literature. In addition, our feature set approach yielded improvements over the baseline term counting method. The results indicate SentiWordNet could be used as an important resource for sentiment classification tasks. Additional considerations are made on possible further improvements to the method and its use in conjunction with other techniques.