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13th International Conference on Agile Software Development: XP 2012 Doctoral Symposium 2012, June 2012, Vienna, Austria.


The popularity of Agile software development is growing rapidly with an increasing number of projects being developed following Agile methodologies such as Scrum and XP [1]. Research has revealed that following Agile practices when developing software can have a significantly positive impact in reducing development time, reducing cost and increasing overall quality [2-4]. Whilst Agile practices can have a positive impact on a development project there are incompatibilities between Agile methodologies and the plan driven approaches followed when developing safety critical software [5, 6]. However, it has been recognised that “formal techniques may be used in an agile way” [5]. Case studies have been performed in organisations developing safety critical software which validate this statement [7-9]. This Ph.D. is focusing on the area of medical device software development and integrating Agile software development principles into traditional plan driven lifecycles for use in developing medical device software.


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