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International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Sciences Informattion, Vol. 38-4/W15, 2010.


Mobile Mapping Systems (MMSs) for infrastructural monitoring and mapping arebecoming more prevalent as the availability and affordability of solutions that generate high accuracy geospatial data has matured.However, no existent methodology or systemexists where all theLiDAR, video, navigation,infrared and multispectraldata sources,collected from thismobile platform are integrated into a single, comprehensivedata management solution. Based on empirical experience there is a need for an MMS-data management framework where these types of data can be dynamically accessed and integratedto enable different projects with varying objectives todynamically accessdifferent MMS-data for, in one example, use in feature extraction algorithms. In this paper we introduce the LiDAR aspect of thiswork towards a MMS - data framework . With large volumes of LiDAR to be stored we have opted f or a spatially enabled database (SDB) manage ment solution, s pecifically PostgreSQL with PostGIS extensions. We d etail our approach to storing and querying the LiDAR data in the SDB

and provide preliminary results on query times and data returns