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Drilling is the hole making process on the component face with the aid of a twisted drillbit. Normal drill bits easily wear out through penetration of drill bit into the workpiece material due to force generated in the drilling operation. So this work tries to investigate the machining parameters with cryogenically treated drill bits on various responses. Cryogenic treatment is one of the thermal engineering processes, which is used to cool the material from the temperature of −150 °C to −273 °C. This research work utilizes cryogenically treated drill tools for investigating the drilling performance on aluminium alloy (IS737.Gr19000) workpiece material. The independent variables and dependent variables are studied in this experimental analysis are spindle speed, feed rate and machining time, entry and exit burr dimensions, thrust force, torque, Ovality, surface roughness, respectively. The theoretical investigation is also carried out with statistical analysis. The response surface methodology with Box Behnken design the 17 experimental runs with 9 different treated drill tools are carried out. The cryogenically treated drill bit gave good results on burr dimensions, Ovality, surface roughness on drilled hole quality. The tool wear performance was also studied with drill tool geometry measurements with the tool makers microscope. The cryogenically treated drill bits gave the best results than the normal drill bit.



European Union and Enterprise Ireland