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This paper represents the winning entry for the Minerva Information Europe Equality award in 2019


As at 2019, Technological University Dublin* Computer Science is the top university in Ireland in terms of gender balance of female academic staff in computer science schools. In an academic team of approximately 55 full-time equivalents, 36% of our academic staff are female, 50% of our senior academic leadership team (2 of 4) are female and 75% of our School Executive are female (3 of 4), including a female Head of School. This is as a result of our seven year SUCCESS programme which had a four strand approach: Source, Career, Environment and Support. The Source strand explicitly encouraged females to apply for each recruitment drive; Career focused on female career and skills development initiatives; Environment created a female-friendly culture and reputation, both within the School, across our organisation and across the third level sector in Ireland and Support addressed practical supports for the specific difficulties experienced by female staff. As a result we have had 0% turnover in female staff in the past five years (in contrast to 10% male staff turnover). We will continue to work across these four strands to preserve our pipeline of female staff and ensure their success over the coming years in an academic and ICT sector that remains challenging for females.