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The work was presented in 'The II World Congress of Public Health Nutrition and I Latin-American Congress of Community Nutrition, Porto, Portugal, September 2010' The abstract was presented in the journal of 'Public Health Nutrition'. Zhou Q, Younger KM & Kearney JM (2010) Reasons for reducing breastfeeding duration among Chinese mothers in Ireland-A qualitative study. Public Health Nutr 13 (9A), 102.


Introduction: The Ireland Chinese Mother Survey has revealed a remarkable decline of breastfeeding duration among Chinese mothers who gave birth in Ireland [1]. This qualitative study was undertaken to explore the reasons for such a decrease and to determine the influence of residency in Ireland on breastfeeding practices among immigrant Chinese. Methods: Purposive sampling together with the snowball technique was used to recruit immigrant Chinese women who have given birth in Ireland. Seven focus groups were conducted and thematic content analysis was performed to analyse the data. Results: Decline in breastfeeding duration was not mainly due to the formula feeding environment in Ireland. It was caused by (1) the contradiction in postnatal practices between the Eastern and Western culture; (2) a lack of family support; and (3) Chinese mothers’ low socio-economic status in Ireland. Conclusion: To promote and maintain breastfeeding within the Chinese community in Ireland, appropriate health care planning and implementation based on their cultural and social backgrounds and practices need to be considered.


Postgraduate R&D Skill, Strand I