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Peroxisomes are organelles that play essential roles in many metabolic processes, but also play roles in innate immunity, signal transduction, aging and cancer. One of the main functions of peroxisomes is the processing of very-long chain fatty acids into metabolites that can be directed to the mitochondria. One key family of enzymes in this process are the peroxisomal acyl-CoA oxidases (ACOX1, ACOX2 and ACOX3), the expression of which has been shown to be dysregulated in some cancers. Very little is however known about the expression of this family of oxidases in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). ACOX2 has however been suggested to be elevated at the mRNA level in over 10% of NSCLC, and in the present study using both standard and bioinformatics approaches we show that expression of ACOX2 is significantly altered in NSCLC. ACOX2 mRNA expression is linked to a number of mutated genes, and associations between ACOX2 expression and tumour mutational burden and immune cell infiltration were explored. Links between ACOX2 expression and candidate therapies for oncogenic driver mutations such as KRAS were also identified. Furthermore, levels of acyl-CoA oxidases and other associated peroxisomal genes were explored to identify further links between the peroxisomal pathway and NSCLC. The results of this biomarker driven study suggest that ACOX2 may have potential clinical utility in the diagnosis, prognosis and stratification of patients into various therapeutically targetable options.



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