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Public Health Nutrition , First View , pp. 1 - 11


Objective:To examine current dietary fat intakes and compliance in Irish childrenand to examine changes in intakes from 2005 to 2019.Design:Analyses were based on data from the Irish National Children’s FoodSurvey (NCFS) and the NSFS II, two cross-sectional studies that collected detailedfood and beverage intake data through 7-day and 4-day weighed food diaries,respectively.Setting:NCFS and NCFS II, Republic of Ireland.Participants:A nationally representative sample of 594 (NCFS) and 600 (NCFS II)children aged 5–12 years. Current intakes from the NCFS II were compared withthose previously reported in the NCFS ( intakes of total fat, SFA, MUFA, PUFA andtransfat as a percentageof total energy are 33·3, 14·0, 13·6, 5·6 and 0·5 %, respectively. Total fat, SFA andtransfat intakes since 2005 remained largely stable over time with all displayingminor decreases of<1 %. Adherence to SFA recommendations remains inad-equate, with only 7 % of the population complying. Insufficient compliance withPUFA (71 %) and EPA and DHA (DHA; 16 %) recommendations was also noted.Conclusion:Children in Ireland continue to meet the total fat andtransfat targetgoals. Adherence to MUFA and PUFA recommendations has also significantlyimproved. However, deviations for some fats remain, in particular SFA. These find-ings are useful for the development of dietary strategies to improve compliancewith current recommendations