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Architecture engineering, Construction engineering, Business and Management., Urban studies (Planning and development)

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CitA BIM Gathering 2017


There is an acceptance that BIM, via data management, can be integrated with FM to reduce costs during the Operations and Maintenance stage of a project. However, what has not been documented is the ‘on the ground’ reality which can be reviewed as a lessons learnt exercise to improve the implementation of BIM FM for future projects. This case study sets out to explore the realities of a client’s adoption of BIM based upon the actual experience of the Greenway Hub. Rather than relying on anecdotal evidence the research was based upon the real practices and experiences of the Dublin Institute of Technology’s (DIT) own project team who were tasked with the delivery of BIM and were recorded via interview and 4th Generation Evaluation. The outcomes were cross-referenced against the literature and it was found that the experience aligned well with similar “first project” situations in other educational and public sector projects. Important findings included the need for BIM training to be delivered to end users at a level appropriate to their ultimate needs, for early and frequent engagement between the project delivery team and the end users, and for the temporary appointment of an experienced BIM FM champion to represent the client, to mentor the Institute’s own staff and to oversee the development of the Institute’s BIM Implementation Plan and associated strategies.



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