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information exchange (COBie) is still a misunderstood and miscommunicated topic. Despite the free distribution of supporting information, many errors remain in its practical application. This study explores strengthening COBie design practices, reducing computational expense by data automation and streamlining the workflow process without the need for designer’s total immersion into COBie theory. Synergies between Autodesk Revit and Dynamo BIM were the chosen software utilised to achieve such a goal. A literature review is first employed to provide a current overview from academic and industry sources, with the principles of design science the chosen methodology in the development, implementation and evaluation of a solution orientated research strategy. Data was gathered via questionnaires from eight Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering firms in Ireland who currently have a demand for COBie design deliverables. This paper reports a general lack of awareness for the open source COBie Testing software tool and a misconception as to exact COBie for Design deliverables. Results indicate considerable time saving across separate projects for six COBie parameters identified for streamlining due to inefficient workflows. Testing COBie data was fully verified in accordance with the international standard NBIMS v3 using the COBie Quality Control Reporter, making it compliant for Facilities Management software use.

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