Biotechnological, food, and health care applications

Nissreen Abu-Ghannam, Technological University Dublin
Elena Balboa, Technological University Dublin

Authors' accepted version


The processing of cereal grains has evolved over the years and a substantial range of commodities are produced globally. Primary and secondary processing of cereals results in a wide range of waste material entrapping resources that could be converted into useful products. Economically, the valorization of cereal by-products streams to obtain high added-value compounds is primarily focused on pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications, followed by food and feed uses, elaboration of biomaterials, chemicals and combustibles, and energy production. This chapter provides an overview of the applications of high added-value compounds that could be valorized from cereal by-products by employing biotechnological approaches such as the production of microbial enzymes. By-products resulting from secondary processing of cereals as in the case of brewing are also presented and their possible applications to the food and the health care industries are discussed.