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Fluids and plasma physics, Agriculture

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Food Engineering Reviews

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doi: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2015.07.061


Non-thermal plasma (NTP) is electrically energized matter, composed of highly reactive species including gas molecules, charged particles in the form of positive ions, negative ions, free radicals, electrons and quanta of electromagnetic radiation (photons) at near-room temperature. NTP is an emerging nonthermal technology with potential applications for decontamination in the food industries. An upsurge in the research activities for plasma based inactivation of food borne pathogens is evident in the recent years. These studies have shown that NTP can be used for the surface decontamination of raw produce, dried nuts and the packaging materials etc. This paper reviews the action of plasma agents on the microbial classes and describes proven and potential applications in food processing. Novel developments in the technology and a future outlook for the application to foods are discussed.