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Nutrition, Dietetics, Public and environmental health, 4. AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES


In-vitro evidence suggests that the lipid component of foods alters vitamin D absorption. This single-blinded, cross-over postprandial study examined the effect of changing the lipid component of a 20 µg vitamin D3 fortified dairy drink on postprandial 25(OH)D concentrations. Participants consumed one dairy drink per visit: a non-lipid, a pre-formed oleic acid micelle, an olive oil and a fish oil dairy drink. There was a significant time*drink*baseline status effect on 25(OH)D concentrations (p = 0.039). There were no time*drink, time or drink effects on 25(OH)D in vitamin D sufficient participants (>50nmol/L). However, there was an effect of time on changes in 25(OH)D concentrations after the olive oil dairy drink (p = 0.034) in vitamin D insufficient participants (<50nmol/L). There were no effects after the other diary drinks. Olive oil may improve vitamin D absorption from fortified foods. Further research is needed to examine the practical implications of changing the lipid component of fortified foods.



Irish Government, Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM)