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V. Milosavljević, S. Djeniže, and M. S. Dimitrijević
Phys. Rev. E 68, 016402 – Published 3 July 2003

Physical Review E

statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics



On the basis of the precisely recorded 20 neutral krypton (Kr I) line shapes (in the 5s−5p and 5s−6p transitions), we have obtained the basic plasma parameters, i.e., electron temperature (T) and electron density (N) using our line deconvolution procedure in a plasma created in a linear, low-pressure, pulsed arc discharge operated in krypton. The mentioned plasma parameters have also been measured using independent experimental diagnostics techniques. Agreement has been found among the two sets of the obtained parameters. This recommends our deconvolution procedure for plasma diagnostical purposes, especially in astrophysics where direct measurements of the main plasma parameters (T and N) are not possible. On the basis of the observed asymmetry of the Stark broadened line profile, we have obtained not only its ion broadening parameter (A) which is caused by influence of the ion-microfield over the line broadening mechanism but also the influence of the ion-dynamic effect (D) over the line shape. The separate electron (We) and ion (Wi) contributions to the total Stark width, which have not been measured so far, have also been obtained. Stark widths are calculated using the semiclassical perturbation formalism for electrons, protons, and helium ions as perturbers.