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Journal of Food Science, 64, 498-500.


The effects of slicing method, packaging atmosphere and storage temperature were determined on total ascorbic acid (TAA) content of modified atmosphere packaged shredded lettuce. TAA was extracted from the lettuce samples and levels were monitored using either titration with 2,6-dichlorophenolindophenol solution or an assay kit. Slicing affected (p < 0.05) ascorbic acid retention in the order manual tearing > manual slicing > machine slicing. Flushing with 100% nitrogen increased retention (~5%, p < 0.05) over packages with product modified atmospheres. Storage at 3°C increased retention (~20%, p < 0.05) compared with storage at 8°C. Scores for product appearance generally followed losses of TAA in the lettuce (p < 0.05).