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Trends in Food Technology, 18, 2007, p. 210-218


The market sales of ready - to - use vegetables have grown rapidly in recent decades as a result of changes in consumer attitudes especially consumption of fresh-cut lettuce and carrot due to their use in prepared salads. Chlorine solutions have been widely used to sanitise fruit and vegetables in the fresh-cut industry. However, the association of chlorine with the possible formation of carcinogenic chlorinated compounds in water has called into question the use of chlorine in food processing. There is a real need to find alternatives for preservation of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables in order to improve the efficacy of washing treatments. Alternatives or modified methods have been proposed as antioxidants, irradiation, ozone, organics acids, modified atmosphere packaging, whey permeate etc.: however, none have yet gained widespread acceptance by the industry. For this reason the devlopment of alternatives and markers in order to measure the efficacy of these alternatives are needed.


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