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LWT Food Science and Technology International, 51, 367-374


The objective of this study was to investigate the efficacy of delactosed whey permeate (DWP) treatment on the physico-chemical, microbial and antioxidant compounds of tomatoes stored at 15 °C for 21 days compared with traditional chlorine treatment. Fresh tomatoes were treated with 3 ml/100ml DWP or 120 mg/L chlorine solutions and packed in perforated polypropylene bags. The results showed that DWP treatment significantly reduced the number of total aerobic counts (~1.62 log cfu/g) and yeast and moulds (~1.66 log cfu/g) of tomatoes compared to chlorine during storage. Moreover, the tomatoes treated by DWP remained firmer (22 %) than the control fruits and maintained significantly (p


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