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Optics Communications


A novel multi-wavelength continuous Thulium-doped fibre laser incorporating a microfibre coil resonator based on black phosphorus (MCR-BP) material has been successfully fabricated and demonstrated. A twelve-wavelength spectrum with 0.54 nm channel spacing has been achieved by simply adjusting the pump source power. A single peak extinction ratio of more than 40 dB was observed. The superior performance of the MCR-BP described in this article compared to conventional MCR based fibre lasers can be attributed the inclusion of the Black Phosphorous Material. The enhanced lasing is primarily due to the twin properties of the MCR-BP device combining a comb-like filter effect and a four-wave-mixing (FWM) effect caused by the nonlinearity of black phosphorus. The experimental results indicate that the novel device can be successfully used as a comb filter and an FWM source to realize a multi-wavelength continuous fibre laser due to the low cost and ease of fabrication of the MCR-BP device.



National Key R&D Program of China; National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC); Harbin Engineering University