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Optometric Education Volume 38, Number 1, Fall 2012

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Purpose: To determine whether participation in two different post graduate optometry workshops resulted in a change in practice for the participants, in their subsequent practice.

Methods: 38 optometrists, who had attended a continuing professional development (CPD) workshop on punctal plugs and lacrimal syringing, were surveyed by email and telephone, between four and thirteen months post workshop, to ascertain if they had made a change to their practice. A second group of 32 optometrists, who had attended a continuing education and training (CET) workshop on binocular vision, were surveyed by email, telephone and postal mail between six and nine months post workshop, to ascertain if their practice had changed.

Results: After the CPD workshop, 29% (11 out of 38) practitioners had inserted punctal plugs and 11% (4 out of 38) had syringed post-workshop. After the CET workshop 37.5% (12 out of 32) had made a significant change to their practice.

Conclusions: In common with other healthcare professionals, attendance at post graduate education events does not appear to effect a change in practice for most optometrists. The effectiveness of a workshop cannot, however, be judged entirely on whether or not those attending it subsequently make changes to their practice.