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Optics, Ophthalmology

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Opt. Express 15, 7367-7380 (2007)



We present data analysis for ocular aberrations of 60 normal eyes measured with a Hartmann-Shack (HS) wavefront sensor (WFS). Aberration measurements were made on-axis and at 5 degree field angles in the nasal, inferior, temporal and superior semi-meridians. Particular attention is given to aberration distributions and possible strategies for aberration correction are discussed. A versatile HS WFS was designed and constructed with features of simultaneous pupil centre determination, off-axis capability, real-time data displays, and efficient lenslet sampling orientation. The subject alignment is achieved by the use of a parallel channel that is recombined with the sensing channel to simultaneously image the eye and the HS spots onto a single CCD. The pupil centre is determined using this image of the eye (iris edge), rather than the HS spots. The optical design includes a square lenslet array positioned with its diagonals aligned with the most typical principal astigmatic meridians of the eye. This favourable orientation helps to enlarge the dynamic range of the WFS. The telecentric re-imaging of the HS spots increases the robustness of the system to defocus in the event of CCD misalignment.


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