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Proceedings of the 11th Annual Conference of the Logistics Research Network, Newcasle, September 2006.


This paper investigates three case studies with regards their outsourcing initiatives from an Irish perspective, the benefits and problems they encountered, the contracts they have constructed, and where they have outsourced and the reasons behind them. The research took place over a period of two years, and the information for the case studies was gleaned from a number of sources including: published papers about the companies, the company websites, annual financial reports, the questionnaire they filled out, and interviews with key decision making personnel in the company. Follow up interviews were conducted where it was felt they were required. Key findings were that: it is very important to have the outsourcing initiative driven from the top down, and it is imperative to construct a contract that promotes a relationship based on mutual trust and respect, the use of Ireland for outsourcing, and the benefits and problem companies have experienced.

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