Enterprise Strategy Development: a Three-Dimensional Approach to the Role of SCM

Edward Sweeney, Dublin Institute of Technology
Ciaran Finn, Dublin Institute of Technology

Published: in Logistics Solutions, the Journal of the National Institute for Transport and Logistics, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 17-20, September 2005


The Irish economy has grown strongly in recent years. This, combined with other factors in the international trading environment, has sharpened the focus on the need for innovative strategies at a national level which can contribute positively from an enterprise strategy development perspective. As traditional manufacturing activity has migrated to lower labour cost economies questions have been raised concerning the role of supply chain management (SCM) in the evolving Irish business environment. This article describes some of the main drivers in terms of both SCM and the changing economic and business environment. It goes on to propose a three-dimensional approach to understanding the potential role of SCM in the new scenario. This in turn informs the logistics and SCM research agenda from a national policy point of view.