The NCFIS is a research centre that pools expertise from various disciplines within TU Dublin. It was developed as a response to strong collaborations between TU Dublin and several French and Irish Universities.

The first Franco-Irish Studies conference was held in what was then IT Tallaght in 2003. As a result of the success of that gathering, an application was made to attain Institute Research Centre status, which was granted in 2006. Since that time, the NCFIS has been successful in attracting graduate students and in bringing out numerous publications that are relevant to the Franco-Irish nexus. Read more on our TU Dublin website.

The Association of Franco-Irish Studies (AFIS) was initiated by the NCFIS to facilitate both conferences and publications in Ireland and in France. Read more on our website and check out our AFIS publications below.

The Journal of Franco-Irish Studies (JOFIS) is a peer reviewed postgraduate online journal that seeks to explore relevant intersections and shared experiences between France and Ireland. Initiated in 2008 by the NCFIS, it has published 6 separate volumes to date. Check out our Journal homepage and more information on our TU Dublin website.

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