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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, *training, *pedagogy, *didactics

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It is a project to write an informed and authoritative 3000 word proposal to a government minister. The module is Perspectives on Early Childhood Education: Issues in policy, practice and research. Because the field of early childhood education is evolving the course is flexible to respond to emerging issues. The students need to be informed on the bigger policy backdrop in Early Childhood Education. The brief is responsive to whatever is currently happening regarding government policy in this area. At this point in time a National Early Years Strategy is being developed by the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Frances Fitzgerald. The students are required to write a proposal to the Minister outlining: the history of the development of the early childhood sector outlining why such a Strategy is necessary, the potential benefits that high quality early childhood education and care, embodied in a National Early Years Strategy, could engender in Ireland and to focus on two themes arising from OECD reports (2006/2012) that should be key components of the Strategy.