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Published in the book "Enhancing Teaching and Learning in Irish Academic Libraries: Stories of Professional Artistry", edited by Ann Cleary, Dr. Philip Cohen and Dr. Mary Delaney. Published March 2019 by L2L: Library Staff Learning to Support Learners Learning. Project funded by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Ireland.


This chapter presents a case study of the influence engaging with the Professional Development Framework (PDF) has had on the Information Literacy (IL) programme in a Library of the Technological University Dublin (DIT), since 1 January 2019 the City Campus of Technological University Dublin. The PDF was developed by the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. For over a decade (2008-2018), a team of DIT library staff has used a ‘menu’ of one-hour classes to deliver its IL programme in a standardised way. Participation by some team members in L2L (Librarians Learning to Support Learners Learning) led to the whole team engaging in a review of the IL programme through the lens of the PDF. Following some contextual information, the chapter outlines the mapping of the review of the IL programme to each of the five Domains of the PDF and the resulting modifications. It describes the professional development needs that arose from the proposed changes to the IL programme, the measures that were implemented to address those needs and the revised IL programme that has been introduced. Finally, the chapter summarises observations and feedback on the impact engagement with the PDF has had on the IL programme in this library.