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Journal of Web Librarianship


This case study reviews the responsive Web design project undertaken by the Library, Technological University Dublin, with Granite Digital, including the preparatory literature review, the design process, task allocation, and the technologies leveraged to deliver the final design. The library is a small academic library with limited resources, and the project took place during a particularly challenging period in Ireland. The different types of testing the site underwent before launch are discussed, including testing of the design itself across browsers, accessibility testing using free online resources, testing the responsive design using free online resources, and physical device testing. The article outlines how feedback was gathered and addressed, and discusses plans for future upkeep and development. Finally, the article concludes that it is possible for a small academic library to successfully deliver a high quality library Web site using responsive design.

“This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in JOURNAL OF WEB LIBRARIANSHIP on 17th Cotober, 2016, available online: