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Journal of Peptide Science


The degree of resin swelling in a particular solvent system is one of the critical parameters for SPPS, and for solid phase synthesis, in general. Methods used for measuring the degree of resin swelling include microscopy-based and volumetry-based methods. This study describes, and compares, the use of both methods for a number of commercially available resins commonly used in SPPS, with a range of solvents which have been identified in the literature as “greener” than DCM, DMF and NMP. The results were analysed by statistical methods and a significant correlation between the two distinct methods has been demonstrated for the first time. The results will likely be used, in conjunction with other literature methods, to help in choosing both the resin and solvent system for greener SPPS (GSPPS), as well as for continuous flow SPPS, which is of growing importance.


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Technological Unversity Dublin