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3. MEDICAL AND HEALTH SCIENCES, Sport and fitness sciences

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Published: European Journal of Sport Science


The objective of this study was to identify the effects of mouth rinsing with a 6% and 16% carbohydrate solution (CHO) on time trial performance when compared to a 0% control (PLA) when in a fed state. Twelve recreationally active males underwent three trials by which they had to complete a set workload (600 ± 65 W) in a fed state. Throughout each trial, participants rinsed their mouths with a 25 ml bolus of a 0% PLA, 6% or 16% CHO (maltodextrin) for every 12.5% of work completed. Rating of perceived exertion (RPE) and heart rate were recorded every 12.5% of total work. Performance times and power output improved significantly when using the 6% and 16% CHO versus the PLA trial (6% versus PLA, p = .002 and 16% versus PLA, p = .001). When comparing the performance times of the 6% to 16% CHO, no significance was observed (p = .244). There was no significant difference between heart rate levels or RPE values across the three trials. In conclusion, mouth rinsing with a 6% or 16% CHO solution has a positive effect on a cycling time trial performance undertaken in a fed state.


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