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5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES, Information Science

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Studies in Health Technology and Informatics


Social Care students undertake a research methods module with a focus on quantitative methods. A core aim of the module is for students to develop their research skills by applying them to a project. This paper will explore the student experience of engaging in this process and the impact on their learning and skill development. The impact on the students' engagement in the exploration of ethical issues and critical thinking is also explored. Bloom (1956) [2] emphasises the key ways that learning happens, with higher levels focusing on Application, Analysis and Synthesis. This research explores the extent to which completing a continuous assessment project, applying research, may impact on student skill development and learning. Links are made to social constructivism and the impact on learning. The research methodology used is a quantitative approach involving an online survey of students who have engaged in the module. Ethical considerations were carefully applied including informed consent, confidentiality and anonymity. The findings highlight the participant's view of the impact of the research project on their knowledge and skill development.