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Chapter published in Voyages between France and Ireland, Culture, Tourism and Sport, Frank Healy and Brigitte Bastiat (eds) Bern, New York, Peter Lang, 2017.


Ofall the Irish writers ofthe nineteenth and twentieth centuries, George Moore (I 8S 2.-1933) is the one who was most embedded in French literature, painting and culture. Taking the strongly autobiographical Confessions ofa YoungMan as its main focal point, this chapter will examine Moore's love affair with France and the influence this exerted on his literary and artistic evolution. In Confessions, we read the extent ofMoore's attraction to Paris: '[ ... ] my thoughts reverted to France, which always haunted me; and which now possessed me with the sweet and magnetic influence ofhome.'l Moore clearly had a deep appreciation ofFrance and ofthe French and this chapter will show the full breadth ofwhat could be termed a mutually enriching cultural encounter.