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Irish Studies Review, 2011.


This is the second volume in the Irish Studies in Europe series which publishes a selection of the papers given at the biannual EFACIS (European Federation of Associations and Centres of Irish Studies) conferences. EFACIS rightly prides itself on the multidisciplinary and international character of its approach and the book under review, emanating from the 2007 conference held in Gothenburg, Sweden, has contributions from scholars from the USA, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Ireland. The theme of place and memory in the New Ireland attracted a stimulating array of chapters from historians, literary critics and sociologists. The chapters on literature are far more numerous than the others, but the collection has a coherence and a quality that are not always evident in edited tomes, which is a tribute to Britta Olinder and Werner Huber, two EFACIS stalwarts. There is no division of articles into discrete sections, which is slightly unusual, but it is clear that serious thought was given to the order in which they appear in the book.