Department Chair: Dr Thomas Cooney

The Institute for Minority Entrepreneurship was established to offer the different minority groups in Ireland equal opportunity through entrepreneurship education and training. 'Minority Entrepreneurship' has been broadly defined by the University to be inclusive of those communities who are generally regarded as being outside of mainstream Irish society in terms of entrepreneurship. The following groups are considered by the Institute to be 'minority entrepreneurship groups': Ethnic, Female, Gay, Grey, Irish-Speaking, People with Disabilities, Prisoners, Socio-economically Disadvantaged, Travellers

The primary objective of the Institute is to bring significant benefit to its target audiences by researching the needs of these minority entrepreneurship groups, developing appropriate training programmes and materials, and delivering these programmes in the most effective manner possible for each individual group. The work of the University is highly ambitious and therefore requires support from a wide range of stakeholders. The University would welcome the contribution and possible alliances of people who are interesting in working this field, so please contact us with your ideas.


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