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Presented at the Higher Education in Transformation Symposium November 2 - 4, 2016 in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada


Some students have difficulty in achieving success in the first year of study. Programs are intensive and do not include capabilities to recover from deficiencies affecting academic performance. A mechanism is needed for students to break off from their program, and address their specific deficiencies, before returning. The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) and Durham College have developed a pathway for enhanced academic success to support students requiring remediation. The proposed pathway is done in such a way that successful students will be eligible to earn a General Arts and Science certificate concurrently with the continuation of their University degree. In the academic success pathway, students that have been suspended from UOIT will be given the opportunity to enter a Durham College program that will address academic success related deficiencies. The students will undergo an assessment process to identify their specific needs and will have access to academic advisors at both institutions for guidance. Upon successfully completing the program, the student returns to University with a position reserved in their program of study allowing for a semester reduction in the time lost due to suspension. This program allows for the student to focus on other academic deficiencies upon their return to UOIT. The program also allows students to recognize that they are not in the right program or at the right academic level and choose to transfer to the College or apply to switch University programs during the remedial semester. Regardless of the pathway taken, the student is provided the opportunity to be successful in obtaining the academic education that they are suited for.