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Solo Exhibition, Green on Red Gallery, Dublin1 December 2016 - 21 January 2017

16mm found film, asynchronous sound, film projector, sound file, mp3 player, looping mechanism, screen. Image track: 3’: 31”/25.8 metres, projected 16 frames per second, continuous loop, Soundtrack: 3’: 35” continuous loop.


Referencing the study of the microstructure of metallic alloys in its title, Metallography (…) splices together two types of found image: close-up and microscopic images of metals, from a collection of 1972 BBC instructional films on mechanical engineering, with images of bronze sculptures taken from ‘I think in Shapes: Henry Moore’, a documentary also produced by the BBC, which featured the Moore’s outdoor exhibition at Tate Gallery London in 1968.

The BBC documentary ‘I Think in Shapes’ originally featured sound effects based on recordings of a hand striking Moore’s hollow bronze sculptures, produced by electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire in 1968. For this work, McCrea has collaborated with artist, writer and daughter Eva Richardson McCrea to produce a new soundtrack based on field recordings of striking Henry Moore’s bronze Standing Figure: Knife Edge 1961, located in St. Stephens Green Dublin.

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