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Welcome to my blog where I attempt to document my experiences with food while trying out recipes old and new. I grew up surrounded by good food and the smells and tastes of my mother’s kitchen in our South Indian home. So, whipping up an Indian dinner comes easily. Living in Ireland for almost 5 years exposed me to an array of cuisines and foods which were otherwise foreign and unknown and kickstarted an exciting phase in my life.

I set up this blog as a way of capturing some memorable kitchen and food experiences and try to keep it updated as often as I can. I should not forget to mention my lovely husband, Peter, who’s very supportive of my efforts no matter what new hobby or project I choose to dabble in. He’s always there during the entire process of tasting, testing, cleaning up, etc etc.

Very recently, we went on a sabbatical from full time work using the free time to travel, spend more time with each other, family and friends, pursue interests we never got time for otherwise and generally having a ball.

After going around the world, we’ve decided to live in the sunny state of California for the next few years where we’ll be looking for newer adventures and experiences. It is yet another exciting phase of our lives and I look forward to sharing my latest culinary discoveries here.

I hope you enjoy your visit and return soon to see what’s cooking :)