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The story of how I wound up in Ireland is probably the same as a lot of expats – I met a man. After a year spent racking up big long-distance phone bills and even bigger Visa bills from a few transatlantic trips back and forth between Ireland and the US, I moved to Ireland in 1999 with two suitcases, thinking I’d stay for one year, maybe two. Fifteen years later, I’m still here – married to the man, with dual citizenship, two kids with Irish accents, a house in the countryside and my own business. Ireland has been good to me and I love calling it my home. I also love Irish food. Coming from the US, where the food travels 1,500 miles on average to reach your plate, I believe that on this small island, all Irish food is local food. With Edible Ireland, I want to explore the vibrant food scene here – the people who grow it, produce it, cook it, serve it, sell it and champion it – and tell the stories behind the country’s food and artisan producers. As Colman Andrews says in The Country Cooking of Ireland, “Ireland — for its superlative raw materials, its immensely satisfying traditional home cooking, and its new wave of artisanal producers and imaginative but well-grounded chefs — [is] simply one of the most exciting food stories in the world today.”